Yvonnes's Developement & Learning Center
Yvonnes's Developement & Learning Center
Home Childcare is most beneficial because it encourages the closeness of the family setting & family values in children. The average ratio in a home setting is six children to one provider, allowing for more individual time for each child.

I have been doing home childcare since 1994. I became registered with the state in 1999. My gifted area is teaching and caring for God's beautiful children!

I enjoy sharing my home with the children - Here they will receive lots of love and individual attention as everyday is an exploration of their developing personalities. They will have lots of opportunities to make their own choices in daily activities. I truly believe that all early childhood experiences will change a child forever and set the foundation for all later learning.

The children I keep generally start as infants which I keep in care until age five, when they graduate to kindergarten. Children are kindergarten ready when they graduate. I have had multiple children from the same family go through my childcare starting from birth. Some families have even planned their next child’s arrival for when an opening in childcare would be available.

Our home has a designated play room for the children. This room has its own bathroom & changing room/storage closet. This enables changing diapers & potty training to be easier on the provider & children. The room has shelves for toys that are just the right size for little ones & a corner climber for inside activity. Toys are rotated throughout the day, keeping the children entertained and learning.

Our home also has a designated "NAP" room. This room is painted dark blue with glow in the dark stars covering the walls. Each child has their own nap pad (or) playpen & blanket. The children listen to a variety of soothing music while at nap time. All of this helps them relax and rest better.

Learning is fostered through play, repetition, music, and several projects that are age specific. We do not follow a structured curriculum. The children get computer time & exposure. They learn the ability to use a computer & utilize educational learning through the use of "Jump Start" CD's.

Just outside the playroom is the kitchen & dining area. A half door enables me to keep close visual contact on the children playing while I prepare food for lunches & snacks. There is a designated table with booster seats for the children to eat at, partcipate in crafts & learning activities.

The backyard is a completely fenced in area for the children to stretch their legs & raise their voices! It includes a climber unit with slides, riding toys, balls, basketball hoop, sand play area & much more!. We do water play during the hot summers, which includes "water painting" the fence.

We have pets at our home. All have current immunizations. Our animals interact with the children daily & are child friendly.

As a registered Family Home Provider, I have current CPR/First Aide training certificates, training in child growth & development, SIDS/Shaken Baby Syndrome, early brain development, plus many other child related subjects.

I offer my parents the option to pay their tuition through an Automated Payment System, ReliaFund® Inc . This provides both the parents & myself more time concentrating on the children. No more worrying about running to the bank to get money & make deposits.

I am affiliated with the Texas Professional Home Child Care Association, the Mansfield Home Child Care Association & the Arlington Professional Home Childcare Association.

I am also a member of a state food program, through Camp Fire USA, which helps me offer well-balanced healthy meals and snacks.
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